The Ultimate Guide to Cast Iron Cooking – 25 of Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the ultimate guide to cast iron cooking, where twenty-five of the most common questions people ask about cast iron are answered. Veteran or newbie, we all agree that cast iron can be a great way to cook. Your pans can last you a lifetime and still be passed down to the next generation … Read more

Can I Use Steel Wool to Clean Cast Iron?

Have you ever wondered if you can use steel wool to clean cast iron cookware? Steel wool has many uses, and one of them is metal pans. However, some metal pans are seasoned, such as cast iron. So, the question becomes how steel wool affects the seasoning and not just the iron. And that’s what … Read more

Is Cast Iron Cookware Healthy? – 7 Considerations

Have you ever asked yourself if it is safe to cook with cast iron? Is cast iron cookware healthy? Have you heard people saying it is or it isn’t, and you don’t know what to believe? We will look at some of the common questions people ask when they want to find out if cast … Read more

Is Cast Iron Indestructible? – 6 Things to Consider

Have you heard that cast iron is indestructible? That it will last forever? Usually, I read and have probably said that it’s virtually indestructible. But what does virtually indestructible mean? Virtually means nearly or almost. Consequently, if cast iron is almost indestructible, it can be destroyed, even if unlikely. So, what are these things that … Read more

Do You Get Iron from Cast Iron Pans – How Much?

Do you get iron from cooking in cast iron pans, or is it a myth? Yes, you can get iron from cast iron pans, but whether the amount is significant or not is not clearly answered. Some say you get a significant amount from cooking in cast iron and site a 1986 study done by … Read more

What Happens When You Heat Cast Iron? – 3 Things You Should Know

Are you ready for a science lesson? Because if you are asking, “What happens when you heat cast iron?” the answer is found in science. In some ways, iron is similar to other types of metal, but in other ways, it is quite different. Furthermore, when trying to understand what happens when you heat cast … Read more

Should I Start Using Soap on My Cast Iron Pans? – The Pros and Cons

If you have never used soap on your cast iron pans but keep hearing it’s okay, you may be asking yourself, “Should I start using soap on my cast iron pans?” On the one hand, you’ve done just fine without it; on the other hand, you are open to new ideas and at least hearing … Read more

Why Is Cast Iron Cookware Brittle? – 4 Reasons to Consider

Have you ever asked why is cast iron cookware brittle? It’s true that one of the benefits of using cast iron is it’s durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, it’s also true that cast iron is brittle, meaning it can break. So it would be good to understand why and what you can do … Read more

When Should I Use a Lid For My Cast Iron Skillet? – 3 Times to Consider

Have you been cooking with cast iron and wondered, “When should I use a lid for my cast iron skillet?” Or your asking, “Do I even need a cover, and if so, which is better, glass or cast iron?” Maybe you feel like a lid isn’t necessary, and if a recipe calls for one, you … Read more

Can I Make Rice in My Cast Iron Skillet? – 4 Easy Steps

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