The Ultimate Guide to Cast Iron Cooking – 25 of Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the ultimate guide to cast iron cooking, where twenty-five of the most common questions people ask about cast iron are answered. Veteran or newbie, we all agree that cast iron can be a great way to cook. Your pans can last you a lifetime and still be passed down to the next generation … Read more

Can I Use Steel Wool to Clean Cast Iron?

Have you ever wondered if you can use steel wool to clean cast iron cookware? Steel wool has many uses, and one of them is metal pans. However, some metal pans are seasoned, such as cast iron. So, the question becomes how steel wool affects the seasoning and not just the iron. And that’s what … Read more

How Do You Clean Cast Iron After Making Bacon? – 3 Necessary Steps

Bacon is a favorite thing to cook in cast iron, but it leaves behind a greasy pan that you must now clean. One person new to cast iron cooking made some bacon and then realized they didn’t know the best way to clean the greasy pan. They had heard you can’t use soap but found … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Paper Towels on My Cast Iron Pans? – 3 Ideas to Consider

Someone was recently complaining about how many paper towels they used taking care of their cast iron pans. A paper towel to clean out any leftover grease, another for drying, and one to add a thin layer of oil before storing. That was three paper towels every time they used their cast iron pan. They … Read more

Is It Worth Restoring a Rusty Cast Iron Pan? – 3 Methods to Consider

A common question people ask is, “Is it worth it to restore a rusty cast iron pan?” It’s hard to say, mainly if the pan is badly rusted. Whether it was left outside in the rain or you found it cheap at a garage sale, a rusted pan will need some work. It will take … Read more

What Should I Cook First in My New Cast Iron Skillet?

Are you asking, “What should I cook first in my new cast iron skillet?” You might be new to cast iron cooking, or maybe you’ve had the pan for a while but haven’t yet figured out what to do with it. Either way, it’s helpful to know what types of food to cook first. And … Read more

What Can You Do With a Cast Iron Wood Stove Kettle? – 3 Ideas to Consider

What can you do with a cast iron wood stove kettle? This is a question people are asking. If you have a wood stove kettle, can you heat up water for drinking or brewing tea? What if you don’t have a wood stove? Are there any other uses for it? And how are wood stove … Read more

How Do I Make Skillet Meatloaf Less Greasy? – 4 Methods to Try

I can’t be the only one who’s asking, “How do I make skillet meatloaf less greasy?” I’ve always made my meatloaf on a cooling rack sitting inside a foil-lined baking sheet to catch the grease. But last week, my brother asked me to make meatloaf in a cast iron skillet for Thanksgiving (along with the … Read more

How Do I Hang Cast Iron Cookware on the Wall? – 5 Ways to Consider

One common way to store cast iron pots and pans is to hang them up. Maybe this sounds interesting, but you’d like to know more. So, you’re asking, “How do I hang cast iron cookware on the wall?” It can be as simple as finding the studs and using the right hooks. Or you can … Read more