Why Do People Still Cook With Cast Iron? – 3 Reasons to Consider

Why do people still cook with cast iron? It’s heavy and requires more work than other pans.

You’d think people would change to something that weighed less and could be thrown in the dishwasher.

Cast iron must be washed by hand and kept dry at all times. Isn’t that too much work? You also have to keep it seasoned, whereas other types of pans just have to be washed. 

Technology has given us many wonderful options, so why would anyone keep using cast iron?

Let’s find out. 

Why Do People Still Cook With Cast Iron?

Cast iron has been around for a very long time. It was useful when there wasn’t anything else, but now there are many options. So why do people still choose to cook with cast iron? There are at least three reasons. First, it’s all some people know. They grew up with cast iron and had pans passed down to them, so they keep using them. Second, many people like the way cast iron cooks food. They use it because the food tastes better. Third, some people cook with cast iron because of the other benefits it offers, in addition to making the food taste better.

1. It’s What They Know

Many people who prefer cooking with cast iron grew up with it. Their parents and grandparents used it, so it’s what they know and like. 

Often, the cast iron pans they cook with have been passed down to them, and they cherish each one. Some can’t even imagine cooking with anything else.

It’s why many of the smaller cast iron manufacturers in the USA began. The founders of these companies loved the pans that were passed down to them and wanted to recreate them for others. They realized not everyone who liked cast iron had pans that were handed down. They knew some didn’t want to buy today’s heavy, rough pans–that people would be willing to pay more for new cast iron that weighed less and had a smooth surface.

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2. They Like the Way the Food Tastes 

Some people use cast iron exclusively, but many only cook some foods in it. That’s because some foods just taste better when cooked in cast iron.

Not everyone who uses cast iron had pans handed down to them.

Many buy it new. 

Maybe they were first exposed to cast iron when someone cooked something in it, and they were impressed with the flavor of the food.

That’s how it happened for me.  

Or they have a friend who uses and swears by it.

Whatever the reason, people who cook with cast iron almost always do so because they like how the food tastes.

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3. Other Benefits Outweigh the Extra Work

Having your food taste better is only one of the benefits of cooking with cast iron. Many people also like the other benefits, such as: 

  • Pans go from stovetop to oven
  • Your food stays hot longer  
  • The cookware will last forever if you take care of it 

However, you must think the extra work involved is worth it because cast iron has to be properly maintained. You must:

  • Handwash and dry it
  • Keep it seasoned
  • Preheat the pan for best results

Things that keep people from wanting to use cast iron are:

  •  Its heaviness – you can find cast iron that weighs less, but it will be costly or vintage from a garage sale or flea market.
  • How easily it can rust when left wet or in a damp place – besides handwashing and drying, you can’t leave the pan soaking.

However, you might be interested to know that it’s okay to cook in a rusty pan as long as it’s clean and not flaking.

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Final Thoughts

Although some do not want to use cast iron for various reasons, many like it better. 

It could be because they grew up with it, and it’s what they know.

Others prefer cast iron because they think the food tastes better. 

A third reason people like cooking with cast iron is the benefits. They agree it makes their food taste better, but it does much more.

Yes, cast iron requires more work and is heavier than other types of pans, but people who prefer it don’t care. In other words, cast iron is still the best cookware available today, according to people who cook with it.

Where do you stand on cooking with cast iron?   

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