Why Is Cast Iron Cookware Black?

Have you ever wondered, “Why is cast iron cookware black?” I mean, iron isn’t black, so why isn’t my pan the color of iron? That’s a good question and one we are going to look at right now. So let’s go. Why Is Cast Iron Cookware Black? The reason cast iron cookware is black is … Read more

Why Can’t I Put My Cast Iron in the Dishwasher? – 2 Reasons to Consider

Are you asking, “Why can’t I put my cast iron in the dishwasher?” I mean, it would be so much easier, right? No scrubbing or following specific steps to clean your pan; just rinse, load, and run the dishwasher with all your other dishes.  Ummm…not so fast. You probably should think about what your cast … Read more

About Me

Hi, I’m Lynn, the founder of Cast Iron Cooking. I found a new love for cooking once I started using cast iron, and it’s my joy now to share with you, my readers, what I have learned along the way. Cast iron is a great way to cook, in my opinion, and once you learn … Read more