Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen Review

Welcome to my Gorilla Grip splatter screen review.

A splatter screen comes in handy when cooking greasy food that spits and splatters. The grease gets all over the stove and the surrounding area. 

However, you can cut the mess down significantly with a splatter screen. Not entirely, but you may think it’s worth it to have less.

But what about the Gorilla Grip? Do they make a good product, and is it worth it for you to consider getting one?

Let’s find out.

Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen Review

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Product: Splatter Screen
Gorilla Grip
See Amazon (prices vary depending on the color)
Return Policy: Can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt
Sizes: 9.8, 11.8, 13, and 15 inches
Almond, Aqua, Black, Blue, Coffee, Gray, Mint, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise
Stainless Steel
Soft Touch TP Rubber, Slip-resistant, Heat-resistant
10.5 ounces
Dishwasher safe
Good for:
Trapping splatters while allowing steam to escape
Made in: China

What is a Splatter Screen? 

A splatter screen is a tool you put on top of your pan to keep the fat from splattering onto the surrounding cooking area. It can also keep you from getting burned. But it’s important to be realistic. Some oil will splatter when the screen is in place or  lift it to stir or turn the food. However, a splatter screen will greatly minimize the mess. 

A Little About Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip is an online company that sells its products on its website and through various online retailers such as Amazon. You can also find their products in stores such as Target and Walmart.

Hills Point Industries, LLC operates the website in the US. So, you will find other brands besides Gorilla Grip when you visit.

Most importantly, they say their customers are their number one priority. And their vision is to continue innovating and improving their products based on the customer’s needs and industry trends.

Furthermore, they globally source their products from the US to Europe and Asia. However, they do not offer shipping (from their website) outside of the US.

Gorilla Grip sells many products ranging from rugs and rug pads to kitchen, bath, laundry, pet, and office.

And they offer a 10-year no questions asked warranty on all their products.  

Answering Your Questions

How do I know which size I should get?

I would get the size that is the closest fit to your pan or a little larger. You want the screen to sit flat on the skillet, not inside it. If you have multiple pans, you could get more than one splatter screen or one that fits your largest pan. There is a risk of scorching a larger screen if the flame goes up and around your pan.

Is the splatter screen oven-safe?

It doesn’t claim to be oven-safe, so I wouldn’t put it in there. I’ve heard it is more likely to warp.

Will the grease come out through the screen?

Maybe a tiny bit, but most of your grease will escape when you have to lift the lid to tend to your food.

Are the frame and the mesh made of stainless steel?

Yes, everything except the grip on the handle is. The grip is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber).

Will this product warp?

It could if you use it in the oven. Otherwise, it shouldn’t.

Do splatter screens really work?

Yes, as long as you realize that a splatter screen minimizes the grease splatters and doesn’t totally eliminate them.

Can the handle melt?

For low-heat cooking, the handle stays relatively cool. However, the handle can melt if it’s too close to the flame with high-heat cooking. Anything that hangs over the pan is a magnet for the fire. And it will move up the side of the pan towards the handle or the screen.

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Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen

What Others Are Saying

The Gorilla Grip splatter screen got high reviews. People were most pleased with its sturdy construction. I often heard them saying this one was better than all the others they had tried. 

Additionally, people were happy with its:

  • Ability to do its job
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Feet that kept the screen off the counter
  • Value
  • Ability to minimize splatters, especially on bacon, burgers, fried chicken, and sauces

People also liked that it was dishwasher safe and that they offered multiple sizes. A few said they were going to order more. And others already had two or more.

However, the splatter screen does tend to scorch. And it disappointed a few people. In fact, the scorching was the most mentioned negative comment. Some people it bothered, and others simply acknowledged it but still were pleased overall.

Other critical remarks:

  • The mesh wasn’t fine enough; I still got splatters
  • It warped after a few uses
  • It rusted (though rust could be confused with scorching as both look similar in color)

What Did I Think?

I want to say I love it, but I can’t. It’s not because the product is defective or doesn’t minimize splatters, though.

I just think I’m not a splatter screen kind of person.

When I bought it, I had bacon in mind. I cook bacon and eggs in a 10-inch cast iron skillet almost every morning, and the splatters are plenty.

It worked fine but didn’t eliminate them altogether. So I was still cleaning up around the stove area, and now I had another kitchen tool to clean and store.

Needless to say, I haven’t used it in a while. It just seems rather pointless.

Maybe if I had a stove with a hood or next to walls, I would feel differently. My stove is on a center island, and the fan is in the middle between the burners. I only have the stovetop and burners to clean, which I still had to do when I used the splatter screen (though it was much less).

Still, it is a product I can recommend. It is indeed sturdy and has some excellent features, such as the feet that keep the screen from touching the counter.

If I liked splatter screens, I would buy the next size up because I often use my 12-inch cast iron skillet. And the 11.8 inch doesn’t quite cover it. But it fits the 10-inch skillet nicely for making bacon and eggs.

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So, if you are looking for a splatter screen, I recommend the Gorilla Grip.


  • Good reviews
  • Sturdy construction
  • Does what it’s supposed to do
  • It can be returned for full refund if dissatisfied or replacement (for example, if you got the wrong size)
  • Choice of sizes and colors
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • It has little feet that raise it off the surface
  • Minimizes the clean-up


  • Will scorch
  • The handle may melt if too close to the flame
  • Can warp
  • It doesn’t eliminate all splatters, and some clean-up is still required

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my Gorilla Grip splatter screen review.

Hopefully, you know now whether you would use a splatter screen or not. Or, like me, you probably wouldn’t use one even if you had it.

Don’t get me wrong; Gorilla Grip makes a great product. If you have used splatter screens in the past and think they are fantastic, you will most likely like this one.

The majority of people who bought one and gave a review sgave many reasons for liking it. But the top two reasons were the quality and that it did indeed stop the splatter, making clean-up easier. It is well-made and sturdy.

However, the screen will scorch and may warp. And it doesn’t stop all splatter.

Since this is the only splatter screen I’ve ever owned, and I thought it was too much work to use one, I can’t really make any comparisons.

But based on the high reviews and from others who have owned multiple splatter screens in the past, I think it’s a great product. And if you use splatter screens and are looking for a new one, I recommend the Gorilla Grip splatter screen. Just make sure you get the right size.

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