What Size Skillet Do I Need to Make Two Steaks? – 4 Factors to Consider

Are you asking, “What size skillet do I need to make two steaks?”

Or is it better to cook one at a time?

If you’re planning to make two steaks, then obviously making them at the same time is what you want to do, if possible.

However, is saving time worth risking a perfectly cooked steak?

What do you need to know about the size of your pan? And if cooking more than one at a time will affect your steak?

Let’s find out.

What Size Skillet Do I Need to Make Two Steaks?

When making two steaks, the size of the meat will play a huge factor in what size pan to use. It’s important to leave space around each steak to allow steam to escape. If you have two small to medium steaks, a 10.25-inch pan may be big enough, but if you have two larger steaks, a 12-inch skillet is what you will need. Additionally, consider the size of the burner, what type of material you’re using, and the weight of the skillet.

1. Choose the Right Size Pan

So, what is the right size skillet for two steaks?

That depends.

What size are your steaks?

If they are medium (or small), you’ll want a 10.25-inch skillet.

However, if they are large steaks, a 12-inch pan will be best.

Why does it matter?

Because overcrowding the meat will more likely get you gray, steamed steaks since the moisture couldn’t escape during cooking.

For this reason, always make sure each steak has space all the way around it.

If you’re regularly cooking two steaks, your best bet is to get a 12-inch.

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2. Use the Right Size Burner

Another factor to consider is the size of your burner.

If at all possible, you want the size of the pan to match the size of the burner.

Why is that?

Well, cast iron, in particular, is not known for even heating until the entire skillet is hot.

And pre-heating is vital when searing.

Using a large pan on a small burner will probably result in hot or cold spots and uneven cooking.

Or a very long pre-heating time. In which case, your skillet might be susceptible to warping. generally, distortion occurs when you’ve heated the pan too hot and too quickly.

In other words, you should never pre-heat your skillet over high heat.

Having the right size burner is always something to consider, but it isn’t a huge factor when only cooking one steak. That’s because you place the meat in the middle of the pan. But with two steaks and a bigger skillet, more of the surface must be heated evenly.

3. Find the Right Material

Cast iron isn’t the only material you can use to cook steaks, but it is the best option, in my opinion.

And hundreds, if not thousands, of people, agree.

Cast iron is heavy and a primary reason it’s a good choice for searing. Its heaviness means it retains heat well. And its heat retention is the reason you get a good sear.

That’s not to say other materials won’t work. But none can boast the same heat retention capabilities as cast iron.

One Redditer talks about the immense amount of heat that cast iron holds. And how this means you will always get uniform crusts, whether it’s steak or something else, like cornbread.

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4. Consider the Weight of the Skillet

I can think of at least two reasons why the weight of the skillet is an important factor.

One has to do with what I just said above. Heavier skillets have more heat retention.

In this case, the heavy weight of the skillet is good.

On the other hand, there’s such a thing as using a pan that’s too heavy for you. If you can’t maneuver it or carry it to the sink to clean, you need something smaller.

For some people, the 12-inch might be too heavy. In that case, using a 10.25-inch is better. However, that doesn’t mean you can shove two large steaks in the pan. It just means you will have to adjust: either only cook one steak at a time or only cook two steaks that fit comfortably in the pan.

Can you get cast iron that weighs less?

Yes, Lodge sells cast iron bakeware, which is much lighter. Although it’s excellent for baking, I don’t recommend it for searing two steaks. The heavier, thicker walls are better for a good sear.

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Final Thoughts

Making steaks from home doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocre.

But you probably already know that otherwise, you wouldn’t be asking, “What size skillet do I need to make two steaks?”

Well, hopefully, you have a better idea now.

It depends on what size your steaks are. If they are small to medium, a 10.25-inch skillet will work. But a 12-inch skillet is what you will need if your steaks are large.

However, cooking two steaks together is not itself a problem.

Overcrowding is the problem.

Each steak should fit comfortably, with space all the way around them.

Other factors to consider are:

  • Make sure you use the correct size burner
  • Cook in the best type of pan for searing steaks
  • The weight of the skillet and knowing it’s not too heavy.

Happy cooking!

And let me know what you think.

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