How Can I Use a Mini Cast Iron Skillet? – 3.5-Inch

Have you been wondering, “How can I use a mini cast iron skillet?”

The 3.5-inch is so tiny, and you might find it hard to believe they have many uses if any.

Indeed, that’s what some people think, but others say they love them.

Besides being cute, they have found some practical or not-so-practical uses for them.

There will be fewer uses if you only have one than if you have a set of four or more. Having more allows you to serve them as a single dish for each person.

But there are still many ways to use just one.

A word of caution: some burners on stoves may not allow this small pan to sit flat. I have two burners that will and two that won’t. 

So, let’s explore some of these ideas.

How Can I Use a Mini Cast Iron Skillet?

A 3.5-inch cast iron skillet is a tiny pan. It’s often thought of as more of a novelty item than as a skillet you would use every day. However, there are a few practical uses. For example, If you like Egg Mcmuffins, this skillet makes a single egg about the size of an English muffin. Or, if you want a tiny dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth without overindulging, this is the perfect size pan. There are also some fun and unique ways to use this skillet unrelated to cooking. For example, it can be a spoon rest, or you can hang it on your tree as a Christmas ornament.

Here Are Several Food Ideas

  • Small single-serving desserts such as brownies, a cookie, or cobbler
  • Single-serving side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, a biscuit, or hash browns
  • One-skillet meals (for someone trying to control their portion size), for example, a mini frittata, pizza, or pot pie
  • Snacks might include roasted nuts, baked apples, or a cinnamon roll
  • Parts of a meal such as a mini meatloaf, a hamburger, or an egg and sausage patty (alone or to make an Egg McMuffin)
  • Other ideas are mini pancakes, fish cakes, or sausage links
  • Single-serving dipping sauces, fondues (cheese, chocolate), or melted butter
  • Melting butter (as needed in cooking) or heating up gravy

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Perfect For Egg Sandwiches? Smallest Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 

Now For Some Non-Food Ideas

  • Spoon rest while cooking
  • Add ribbon or a bow and hang it on your Christmas tree
  • Small storage container to hold jewelry, paper clips, or coins
  • A coaster for your drink 
  • Stocking-stuffer
  • Storing your chainmail
  • Backpacking or camping pan for single-use
  • Decoration, sitting out, or hanging up
  • Novelty gift
  • Candy dish
  • Toy pan for a child 
  • Ashtray
  • Make a candle for yourself or give it as a gift
  • Meat mallet

How I Plan to Use Mine

I have to admit, the idea of controlling my portion size is what ultimately helped me decide.

However, I also had another plan for the skillets.

Every year, our family has a Birthday party for Jesus. So, I bought six of them to make a macaroni and cheese side dish for each person. 

The skillet would be not only a side dish as part of the meal, but something they could take home with them if they want. 

In other words, the skillet is a gift but also a way to show one practical way it can be used. 

I will make it in a larger skillet, transfer some to each of the mini pans and then bake it all.

So, if anyone wants seconds, there will be plenty.

One of the great things about cast iron is it stays hot for longer than if you put a serving on your plate.

And if people take it home and use it for a Christmas ornament or spoon rest, it still has value. 

As far as the macaroni and cheese recipe, I’m using the one from the Youtube video above. Except I’m using 1 c. white American cheese slices instead of shredded mild white cheddar. 

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Guinness Uses For a Teeny Tiny Cast Iron Pan


How can I use a mini cast iron skillet? A tiny 3.5-inch pan?

As you can see, there are multiple ways, both in cooking and noncooking.

My favorite ideas have to do with serving it as a side dish or dipping sauce for guests, as well as giving it as a gift.

But, I could also see myself using it as a spoon rest.

I like, too, the idea of making it into a candle or hanging it on my Christmas tree.

I actually bought a specialty one with a snowman etched in it to hang on the tree.  

I hope you have enjoyed learning about all the ideas. 

If you already have one of these skillets, how do you use yours?

And if you don’t have one, but would like to know more, check out my review.

Lodge 3.5-Inch Cast Iron Skillet Review – And Its Many Uses

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  1. Hi, Lynn.  I believe people overlook the health benefits of cast iron as it allows you to get iron in your diet. My favorite thing to cook on a small cast iron skillet is a single egg with cheese.  Easy to cook with easy clean up. Or you can do a single hamburger and cook it to perfection.  Great article.  Thanks.


    • Hi Warren! Yes, getting iron in your diet is a benefit that I like too. I also like the ways you use your small cast iron skillet. I have six of them and am going to make six individual cornbreads. Thanks for your comment. – Lynn

  2. I appreciate the information in your article as I enjoy cooking with cast iron skillets and I use all sizes. Those are all good ideas for the Mini Cast Iron Skillet. I use mine but not as much as the other larger ones. With these additional ideas, I am going to use it more often. You have sparked my creative juices and I anticipate coming up with even more ideas.

    • Hi Joseph, I’m glad you like the ideas and that they have sparked your creative juices. I hope you come up with some interesting new ideas. The 3.5-inch pan is pretty versatile. I agree that cooking with cast iron is enjoyable. – Lynn

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