Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok Review

Welcome to my Lodge 14-inch Cast Iron Wok Review.

A wok is a valuable tool in the kitchen for many types of cooking, but why should you consider having a cast iron one?

Cast Iron is heavy.

Yes, it is, but you must also consider the benefits.

That way, you can make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started.

Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok Review

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Product: 14-inch cast iron wok
Brand: Lodge
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Dimensions: 14-inch diameter x 4 1/4-inch deep
Weight: 12 pounds
4 Quarts
Made in:
Eligible for refund or replacement at Amazon (if it arrives damaged)
Great For:
Stirfrying, as a stockpot, deep fryer, or stove-top smoker

What is a Cast Iron Wok?

A cast iron wok is made of iron and carbon alloys and cast in a mold. The entire pan is one piece which contributes to its durability. The Lodge cast iron wok comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. And the more you use it and build up the seasoning, the more nonstick it will become. Cast iron woks are the preferred material of chefs because of how well it holds and distributes heat. Therefore it’s easier to get the “wok-hei” flavor that makes stir fry taste so good.

A Little About Lodge

Lodge Cast Iron is located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and has been around since 1896.

Back then, they were known as Blacklock Foundry. But in 1910, the building burned to the ground.

Joseph Lodge, the founder, didn’t let that stop him. He soon rebuilt down the road, and the new facility was called Lodge Cast Iron.

They survived the Great Depression and the invention of Teflon.

Although cast iron took a hit, it has in recent years revived.

In 2002, they began pre-seasoning their pans, and it became the standard.

As the business continued to grow, another foundry was built that increased its manufacturing capacity by seventy-five percent.

Today, Lodge continues to be a leading manufacturer throughout the world.

Answering Your Questions

Do I need to buy a lid?

No, you don’t need to buy one. But Lodge does sell cast iron and tempered glass lids that will work reasonably well on a 14-inch wok if you want one. Otherwise, you can cook without a lid or use one you already own.

Can I flip the pan over with both hands?

I would not recommend it. The wok weighs twelve pounds, and even more with food in it. It’s standard to move the food around, not the wok.

Do I need a ring?

No, because the wok has a flat base with rings built into it. Therefore, it works on all cooking surfaces.

Can I use it on an induction cooktop?

Yes, iron is magnetic

How many people will it feed?

Typically, it can feed a family of four. However, if all four people are adults, it might not be big enough.

Is a wood or metal spatula better?

Either is fine. The most important feature is one that is rounded and fits the curvature of the wok.

Do I need to season it?

The wok comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to use.

Is the wok nonstick?

No, cast iron is not initially nonstick without oil. But with use, you build up layers of seasoning, and it becomes more nonstick.

Will a cast iron wok rust?

Yes, the same as all cast iron cookware will if not properly taken care of. It is vital that after you clean it, you get it completely dry. Drying it for a few minutes in the oven or on the stovetop is recommended. In addition, adding a thin layer of oil for protection can help too.

Should You Get a Cast Iron Wok?

What Others Are Saying

Most people love their cast iron wok and see the heaviness as an asset. They say it makes it sturdy and unmoveable.

They find it durable, versatile, and excellent at retaining heat.

And if you don’t want multiple cast iron pans of all sizes, the wok will replace a dutch oven and large skillets.

In addition to traditional stir-fries and fried rice, the cast iron wok makes great popcorn.

Also, spaghetti sauce, chili, and roasts.

One great thing is you don’t have to worry about the food falling over the sides while you mix and toss.

Others pointed out how easy it is to clean, with one person saying it never needs to leave your stovetop. You can clean it there as well as store it.

Several people found that having various tools was helpful, from a chainmail scrubber to a wok spatula.

Only a few didn’t like the heaviness. Or lamented the fact that it didn’t come with a lid.

Overall, people raved about their cast iron wok. They said it was worth the money, especially since it would last forever.

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What Did I Think

When I first wrote this review, I didn’t own a cast iron wok. But now I do as you can see in the picture.

It’s beautiful!

I like that it’s deep, and ingredients won’t fall out when I’m tossing them.

Furthermore, it will probably make better stir fry than I can make in my skillet.

I know it works great for fried rice.

I was slightly concerned that it would be too heavy for me, but it is fine. It does sit a little high on my stovetop, but I don’t think it will be a problem.

And it fits perfectly in my organizer with my other cast iron skillets.

Therefore, I can recommend the Lodge 14-inch cast iron wok.


  • Very high reviews
  • Multiple uses
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Built-in ring with a flat bottom
  • Can be used on any cooking surface the same as other cast iron cookware
  • Lasts forever if properly cared for


  • On the heavy side and might not be for everyone
  • Doesn’t come with a lid

2020 Review of the Lodge 14-inch Cast Iron Wok

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found my Lodge 14-inch cast iron wok review helpful.

And that you can now make an informed decision if one is for you.

There are many great things about owning cast iron, and some foods will turn out better if you make it in a wok.

I’ve heard that only in a cast iron wok can you get the “wok-hei” flavor, and that’s why restaurants prefer cast iron.

On the other hand, the wok is heavy and may make it difficult to move around.

If, after reading this review, you are ready to get one…

4 thoughts on “Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Wok Review”

  1. Hey there! Thank you for helping me make up my mind. My first thought was that Cast Iron is heavy. And I was used to flipping pans over, but I will not be able to do it anymore with this one. However, those are minor issues compared to the real advantages. Even being one of them its sturdiness.

    • Hi Ann! Yes, trying to flip a twelve-pound wok would probably be a disaster. I hardly do any flipping when I cook in cast iron because it’s all too heavy for me, lol. Occasionally, I get my husband to do it, though. I agree the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. Twelve pounds of cast iron is indeed a heavy piece of cookware. We have one large castiron pan and whenever my wife cooks with it, I am the one who has to move it around, serve the food and clean it afterward. She only just has the strength to lift it onto the cooker, I certainly like the idea of a cast-iron wok but I think we would need to test-drive one first before we would go ahead and buy one. I notice that this one only has side handles and no single handle. I guess that must be because of the weight very few people could lift it if it did have a single handle anyway. This is indeed a very impressive piece of cookware. Thanks for the great review, Andy

    • Thanks for reading my review, Andy! I have seen some cast iron woks with one long handle and a side handle, but you’re right, Lodge’s 14-inch has two side handles. But either way, at twelve pounds, you will be using two hands for sure to move it. I’m sure your wife appreciates all the help you give her in moving and cleaning your cast iron pan. My husband is afraid to clean ours as he is sure he will do it wrong, lol. 


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