How Do I Sear Chuck Steak So It’s Tender? – 4 Primary Ways

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Lodge 10.25-Inch Cast Iron Skillet Review

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Cast Iron Hot Handle Holders – Are They Necessary?

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Lodge10.25-Inch Cast Iron Baker’s Skillet Review

I recently bought two Lodge cast iron skillets of the same size. Both were 10.25-inch pans, and both came pre-seasoned. One had a longer handle and was from the classic collection and the other was part of the bakeware collection. The Lodge cast iron skillet I am reviewing here is the one from the bakeware … Read more

A Cast Iron Skillet Review – Backyard Creations 10×10

I have had this skillet from the beginning. So I wanted to do a review on the first cast iron I ever used. It’s the pan I learned the basics on before venturing into other skillets. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the Backyard Creations skillet advertised or sold anywhere except Menards, a hardware store mainly in … Read more