6-Inch Cast Iron Skillet – Why Would You Want One?

I own four cast iron skillets, but none of them are 6-inch. I wanted to know how I could use this size if I had one. In other words, why would someone want a 6-inch cast iron skillet? That is the question I want to answer for you in this article.

I will talk about the various foods that others cook or bake in their smaller skillet and why they like having one. And I will tell you about two popular brands that sell a 6 or 6.5-inch skillet.

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Why You Might Like a 6-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

When I first considered why I might want a 6-inch skillet, I didn’t see much reason. My husband is a big eater, and this size pan wouldn’t be big enough to make a meal for the two of us.

A 6-inch seemed more ideal for a single person. And that is true, but now that I have been cooking with cast iron for some time, I wish I had a smaller skillet for some things.

Several people talked about how they liked having this size skillet. Most of their reasons revolved around what they used their pan for. But one person said they bought 6-inch thinking they wouldn’t use it very much, but it turned out they used it all the time. So the 6-inch skillet may have more uses than you realize.

A 6-inch skillet is a perfect size for a side dish or dessert for two. I have been making my desserts in a 10-inch, but guess what? I eat more that way and put on weight. Since I have more of a sweet tooth than my husband does, I generally eat more of the desserts. So you might say a 6-inch is better for your waistline. But for a family or social event, the 10-inch might still be the best size.

Some Food Ideas

I’ve already mentioned a few things I would use a 6-inch skillet for, but what are some other ideas?

  • two eggs if you’re making breakfast only for yourself
  • heating sauces or melting butter
  • cornbread–one Jiffy box mix works perfectly
  • personal pan pizza–one person says they have four pans for four pizzas
  • single burger
  • single grilled cheese
  • pancakes–not sure how this is the best size skillet
  • hashbrowns or tater tots for two
  • bacon and egg sandwich for one
  • a side dish of vegetables
  • cobbler or skillet cookie for two–serve warm with ice cream if desired
  • wine reduction sauces
  • single-person meals

Now that you have some food ideas, it’s time to talk about two different brands that sell 6 or 6.5-inch skillets.

Backcountry Brand is Amazon’s Choice

Product: 6-inch cast iron skillet + cloth handle
Back Country
see Amazon
Weight: 1.64 lbs
1.5 inches
Cooking surface area: 4.75 inches
Pre-seasoned: yes
Warranty: 2 years
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars for its ease in cleaning, durability, heat distribution, and being giftable
Great for: meats, vegetables, fish, desserts, cornbread, casseroles
Cooking surfaces:
gas, electric, induction, grill, oven, and fire pit
in the USA

As you can see, this skillet is Amazon’s Choice, meaning this is the one they most recommend. Amazon can make recommendations because they algorithmically identify the product that best fits what people are searching for. So let’s find out a little bit more about this pan.

Backcountry uses a proprietary metallurgical alloy to make this pan and seasons it with its blend of the most refined food-grade oils.

This skillet has superb heat retention and even cooking. It is pre-seasoned and ready to use immediately.

One person says they bought the pan to make soda and rye bread. They were worried the bread would stick since the surface was a bit rougher than they were used to when baking. But they didn’t need to worry because the bread came out easily.

Lodge Brand is a Best Seller

Product: 6.5 in. cast iron skillet
see Amazon
Weight: 1.9 lbs
Volume: 0.05 qt.
Cooking surface area:
19.16 square inches
Warranty: Lifetime
4.7 out of 5 stars
Great for: searing, sauteing, baking, broiling, braising, and grilling
Cooking surfaces:
oven, stove, grill, campfire, induction cooktops
in the USA

Lodge’s 6.5-inch skillet is #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for skillets. Did you even know Amazon had a “Best 100 List” for skillets? I didn’t know this. Out of all the skillets Amazon sells, this one is #1. Pretty cool! And a little bit surprising.

Lodge Cast Iron is probably the best-known US manufacturing company for cast iron cookware. This brand sells in stores and online and is known for being inexpensive yet good quality.

You can fry up chicken, saute vegetables, or bake a peach cobbler in this small pan. It’s durable and can handle all cooking surfaces, even cooking over a campfire. Cast iron loves campfires!

One man bought two of these skillets to make pizzookies (pizza cookies). He says the size is perfect, and he hasn’t had any problems with sticking because he uses butter. He uses the pans for cookies and eggs. And he has decided to get two more to use when friends are over.


As with all cast iron, you will not want to use it in the microwave or put it in the dishwasher. But you can use cast iron on all types of cooktops, from electric to gas, glass, induction, or ceramic.

For cleaning, you will want to follow a four-step approach:

  • Scrape and rinse.
  • Wash by hand.
  • Dry completely.
  • Add a thin layer of oil before storing.

After researching the benefits of having a 6-inch cast iron skillet, I have decided to get two, and make deep dish personal pan pizzas. Maybe you, too, have been thinking about getting this size, and after reading this article, you have made a decision.

I gave you some reasons you might like having a 6-inch skillet, several food ideas you could use, and told you about two different brands that carry 6 or 6.5-inch skillets.

Do you already have a small cast iron skillet? If so, what size is ideal for you? What do you use it for, and what brand do you have?

If you don’t have one yet but are thinking about getting one, has this article helped you?

I would love to hear any questions or thoughts you have about 6-inch or small skillets. Please leave any comments below.

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  1. Hey there. A friend of mine has one and she loves it! One of the things I like the most about this iron skillet is that it reaches high temperatures and quickly seals foods. Thus preserving vitamins and nutrients. High temperature, perfect for searing, browning and roasting, the more the iron skillet is used, the better the performance.

  2. Ahhh, cast iron skillet cooking and baking, now that takes me back to a time of enticing kitchen smells, and mom’s undeniable love. She cooked some of the best meals in a cast-iron skillet over an open flame out in the backwoods or back yard or on the stovetop or in the kitchen oven. Your site brought back some really good memories. thank you!

    very good site!

    • Hello CherrieAlesia! 

      You’re welcome. I am glad my site brought back some good memories. Food definitely tastes better when cooked in cast iron, imo


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