Why Strip the Seasoning From My Cast Iron Skillet? – 3 Reasons to Consider

A commonly asked question is, “Why strip the seasoning off my cast iron skillet?” Maybe you have a cast iron pan that you can’t use in its current condition or a new skillet you’d like to reseason. And you think stripping the seasoning might be what you should do, but you want to know more. … Read more

Why Would I Want My Cast Iron Pan to Be Smooth? – 5 Reasons to Consider

Do you have a bumpy skillet and wonder, “Why would I want my cast iron to be smooth?” I mean, they look nice, but are there any real advantages to having your skillet smooth over rough? And is it worth it to sand it down and get one quickly, or can I wait and get … Read more

Why Is My Cast Iron Skillet Bumpy – And Does It Matter?

Why is my cast iron skillet bumpy? That’s a question I asked myself not too long ago. If you are at all familiar with vintage cast iron, you know it’s smooth. Was it always smooth, or did it get that way over time through seasoning and much use? Is the bumpy cast iron of today … Read more