Lodge Vs. Victoria Cast Iron – Is One Better?

You’ve most likely heard of Lodge, but what about Victoria?

Victoria is a lesser-known brand.

But for those who know both, there is often a comparison made.

In what ways are these two brands similar, and how are they different?

Is one better than the other?

Let’s find out.

Lodge vs. Victoria Cast Iron

Both Lodge and Victoria are family-owned businesses that have been around for a long time. Lodge makes their cast iron cookware in the USA, and Victoria has their operation in Columbia. Both make affordable cast iron cookware, with skillets being their most popular item. And as similar as the two skillets are, there are some differences in the handle’s design and the oil they use in their factory seasoning.

The Similarities Between Lodge and Victoria

I’ve already mentioned some of the similarities, but let’s go over them again and add a few more.

Keep in mind these similarities are why people compare them to each other. But that doesn’t mean they are exactly the same.

Similarities Between the Companies
  • Both Lodge and Victoria are family-owned businesses. Lodge began in 1896 with Joseph Lodge, and Raul Mejia started Victoria in 1939. Both companies have stayed in the family since their inception. I even read somewhere that being family-owned may be the secret to their longevity.
  • Both make quality cast iron that’s affordable. This similarity may be the number one reason people compare them. And to be honest, most of the comparisons come from those who have or know about both. Since Lodge is more well-known, you may be familiar with them but have never heard of Victoria.
  • Both Lodge and Victoria make their cast iron products at their home foundries but may have some non-cast iron merchandise made in China. For example, lids or other accessories, such as handle holders.
  • Both have websites where you can view their products, learn their history, read about how to use and care for cast iron, and contact them with questions. However, Lodge’s website has much more.
Similarities in the Way the Skillet is Made and Looks 

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  • Both incorporate helper handles on their 10.25-inch (Lodge) or 10 inch (Victoria) and bigger skillets. Before 2021, Victoria didn’t have one on its 10-inch, though. And the helper handles are a little larger on Victoria.
  • Both have thicker sidewalls. Although Lodge’s are slightly wider, many consider them to be the same. This probably accounts for the slight difference in weight. But again, some also think their weights feel pretty much the same. Here is a comparison:
8-inch3.2 lbs.3 lbs.
10-inch 5.35 lbs.4.9 lbs.
12-inch7.89 lbs6.7 lbs.
  • Both have textured pebbly surfaces. Some people say they’re the same and others think Victoria’s “skins” (as they like to call them) are a little smoother. But neither company machines their pans.
  • Both have comparable prices per size skillet. You can check out prices on Amazon: for Lodge or Victoria. Simply click on the size you are interested in.

To see the Victoria skillet in action, watch the short video below.

Victoria 12-inch Cast Iron Skillet Test

How Lodge and Victoria Are Different

These differences are clearly what makes Lodge and Victoria distinct from one another.

Differences as a Business
  • Where they are made – Lodge is located in the USA, and Victoria is in Columbia.
  • The product selection – Lodge has many more products (cast iron, carbon steel, series and collections) and is global; Victoria has a smaller operation with less products and reaches 32 countries. However, only Victoria offers grinders (which they are famous for).
  • Where their iron resources come from – Lodge gets theirs in America, and Columbia uses European resources.
  • What oil they use to season their cookware – Both use 100% vegetable oil, but Lodge’s is canola, and Victoria’s is Flaxseed. This can be somewhat confusing for many to say it’s vegetable oil instead of being more precise.
  • Their product selection – Lodge has a many more products (cast iron, carbon steel, series, and collections) and is global. And Victoria has a smaller operation with fewer products and reaches 32 countries. However, only Victoria offers grinders (which they are famous for).
  • The size selection for skillets – Lodge has nine sizes in their classic design (the ones we’re comparing to Victoria), ranging from 3.5-inch to 15-inch. Whereas Victoria only offers four sizes: 6.5, 8, 10, and 12-inch skillets.
  • The ways to order – You can go directly to the Lodge website to order any of their products, but you can only get Victoria through sellers such as Amazon, Target, or Macy’s (Lodge also uses sellers).
Differences in the Skillet Design
  • The handle design – Lodge’s is short and flat, whereas Victoria’s handle is longer and curved. It’s a matter of preference as to which one is better. Lodge’s handle looks traditional, and Victoria’s is more ergonomic. The handle changes the look of the pan.
  • The pour spouts – Victoria has bigger pour spouts and somewhat changes the look of the pan (much like the handle does). Having larger spouts has its advantages though.

Which One is Better?

I’m sure I haven’t covered every similarity or difference, but I hope I’ve given enough to make a good comparison.

However, to answer the question about which one is better, I can’t say.

People all over the world love Lodge for its quality and affordability. And just because fewer people know about Victoria doesn’t change the fact that they also make affordable quality cast iron.

The most significant difference is in the handle. This is most likely where people will decide which one they like better. However, a few other things may sway some people, such as the oil used to season the pan or the larger pour spouts.

Another reason you may decide one is better than the other is because of where it’s made.

And certainly, if you want a more extensive selection, you may decide to stay with Lodge. But why not try a Victoria skillet too?

I recently received my first Victoria skillet, and have used it once. I really like it. It was easy to tell the difference in weight and I clearly could see that it has a smoother surface. I made my cheesy ham and potato skillet meal, and nothing stuck. The one thing I was skeptical about was the handle, but I enjoyed that it was longer. I don’t have a single complaint about the Victoria 12-inch cast iron skillet.

Both Lodge and Victoria skillets perform well, and there are things I like about each one. I am not giving up my Lodge, but I will be using my Victoria skillet too.

Watch the video below to see how to make chicken and how the Lodge skillet performs.

How to Make Chicken in a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Final Thoughts

We have made the comparison but haven’t really answered the question of which one is better. I think that’s because one isn’t better than the other. It will always depend on what you, as an individual, are looking for.

When you compare two brands, such as Lodge vs. Victoria, you can see how they are similar and how they are different. And hopefully, the comparison will help you decide which one you think is better for you.

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