Can You Cook Eggs After the Bacon? – 3 Easy Ways

Are you wondering what the best order for cooking bacon and eggs is?

And specifically, if you can cook the eggs after making the bacon?

I mean, who doesn’t love bacon and eggs?

Some will say it depends on how you cook each one. And I agree.

As far as bacon, some like it crispy, and others prefer limp. Though I would rather have it crispy, I can eat limp if it’s my only choice.

However, if you served me a sunny side up egg, I couldn’t eat it. And someone else would find the over hard kind (that I like) ruined.

So, let’s answer the question and look at three easy ways to make eggs using bacon grease.

Can You Cook Eggs After the Bacon?

The answer is yes; you can absolutely cook your eggs after the bacon. In fact, it is the preferred way because you can make your eggs in the bacon grease. However, choosing what kind of eggs to cook takes a bit of thought. Eggs are versatile, and there are many ways to make them. Nevertheless, when making the bacon first, three of the easiest ways are frying, scrambling, or making an omelet. And if you have a cast iron skillet, that’s even better.

Frying Eggs After Bacon

Frying eggs is how I usually cook mine because it is the easiest of the three. You simply crack open the egg into the pan, and you’re on your way.

There are no recipes to follow and no added ingredients (except salt and pepper), but there are preferences. You may like your eggs sunny-side-up, over-easy, over-medium, or over-hard.

It’s all about the yolk.

So, let’s take a closer look at each.

Sunny side up

The bright, round, yellow yolk that sits on top reminds you of the sun, this its name. It requires no flipping, and most people either use a lid or spoon bacon grease over the egg whites (if they made bacon first). Both methods help cook the egg more quickly and ensure the egg white is cooked through while keeping the yolk as runny as possible.

Over easy

Over easy is how my husband likes his eggs. You flip the egg at the very end to cook the other side. Or you can spoon grease over the entire egg. You’re mainly cooking the egg whites but there will be a light film over the egg yolk. It may not be quite as runny, but it is close.

Over medium

Over medium is similar to over easy, except you want the egg yolk slightly thickened. You flip the egg and let it fry a little longer than you do for over-easy. Furthermore, the yolk’s color will still be bright yellow, but the consistency is more like a soft-boiled egg.

Over hard

Over hard is how I cook my eggs. The yolk turns light yellow when cooking it all the way through. To achieve this, some people break the yolk for faster cooking. It may take slightly longer, but it is still quick.

How I Cook Our Fried Eggs

It works out quite nicely to make over-easy for my husband and over-hard for me. Here are the steps I take:

  1. In a hot 10-inch cast iron skillet in which I just finished making bacon, I crack open two eggs for myself and three for my husband. Mine get a slight head start by putting them in the pan first. Sometimes, though, I need to pour off a little of the bacon grease before beginning.
  2. I break my yolks and add salt and pepper to all the eggs. I separate my eggs from my husband’s and then divide his eggs for easier turning.
  3. When I can easily get the spatula under the eggs (2-3 minutes), I turn them over. I then sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese on my husband’s and shredded cheddar on mine.
  4. I immediately remove my husband’s eggs and stack them on his plate, so the cheese melts. By taking his out of the pan first, I know his yolks will, hopefully, still be runny. And because I broke my yolks, they are usually done close to the same time. I fold mine and put them on a plate.

In the video below, you will see how to cook three of the four types of fried eggs in bacon grease without flipping. It uses quite a bit of bacon fat though.,Can You Cook Eggs in Bacon Grease?

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Can You Cook Eggs in Bacon Grease?

Scrambling Eggs After Bacon

Sometimes you might want scrambled eggs.

Scrambling eggs is nearly as easy as frying them, especially if you don’t add milk.

My mom always added milk to our scrambled eggs, and I did it that way for years.

However, I started making them without milk several years ago. When cooked, the eggs are denser and darker in color, and it’s now how we like them. Of course, we add cheese to scrambled eggs, too.

Whether you make your scrambled eggs with or without milk, it’s pretty simple.

Crack the number of eggs you are making into a bowl. Add milk (or not), salt and pepper. Whisk, and pour the eggs into the hot cast iron pan with bacon grease.

Let them sit for a bit until you can see the edges of the eggs are firm and lighter in color. With a spatula, mix and move the eggs around until cooked. Sprinkle on some shredded cheese if desired.

The video below does an excellent job of demonstrating how to make scrambled eggs in bacon grease. But they didn’t use cast iron [sad face].

Cooking Eggs in Fresh Bacon Grease

Making an Omelet After Bacon

One other way to cook eggs after the bacon is to make an omelet.

Generally, you make one omelet at a time. So, it will take a bit longer if you’re cooking for more than one person.

Put the number of eggs you want for a single omelet in a bowl and lightly whisk together.

Pour the eggs into the hot cast iron skillet and let them sit for a minute.

Because you’re not going to mix them like you did with scrambled eggs, you might want to lift the skillet and shake it to keep the eggs moving. Also, loosen the edges with a spatula.

When the eggs look almost cooked, add whatever ingredients you want but don’t overcrowd them, or they won’t get warm enough.

People often add cheese, meat, and/or vegetables. You have lots of choices.

If I made bacon, I put it in the omelet along with cheese and whatever chopped vegetables I have on hand.

Some common vegetables are:

  • Mushrooms
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Zucchini
  • Onion
  • Roasted Potatoes or hashbrowns

Put the ingredients you’ve chosen on one half of the egg, fold it over, and you have an omelet.

You can also make a skillet meal using some of the same ingredients, like in the video below. But you don’t have to make it over a campfire.

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Bacon, Eggs, and Hashbrowns

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Not only can you cook eggs after bacon, but you can also make your eggs in many different ways for variety.

I’ve shared three main ways: you can fry or scramble your eggs, or make an omelet.

You can make sunny side up, over easy, over medium, or over hard when frying. It all depends on how you like your yolk.

Or you can scramble your eggs with or without milk. And you can add cheese if you want. Hey, You could even add meat or vegetables, too.

An omelet is usually two or three eggs with different ingredients folded in the middle. You can choose ingredients like meat, cheese, or vegetables.

And you can make any of them in cast iron, using the grease after cooking the bacon.

And though I think making eggs in cast iron and using the baking grease adds to the flavor, neither is necessary.

How do you like your eggs? Would or do you cook them in bacon grease?

Let me know in the comments below.

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