Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Cook-It-All Review -5 Ways to Use

Welcome to my Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Cook-It-All Review. 

Lodge designed this 5-piece set for camping and cooking over an open fire.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile outdoor cooking set, keep reading and learn about the many ways to use the Cook-It All.

Let’s get started. 

Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Cook-It-All Review

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Product: Cast Iron Cook-It-All: Reversible Grill/Griddle and Wok/Skillet
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Dimensions: 16.97L x 14.5W x 5.17H inches
Skillet Capacity:
6.8 quart
Cooking Surface:
148.41 square inches
27.98 pounds
Made in:
Includes: 2 Handles and Tips and Tricks Booklet
Great For:
Outdoor Cooking
Warning: CA Prop65 

What Is a Cook-It-All? 

The Cook-It-All is a versatile outdoor cooking set with five primary uses. You can use it as a wok/deep skillet to make many meals, from chili to breakfast scrambles. With the reversible griddle/grill, you can make pancakes, burgers, or bacon, to name a few things. Or create an oven to make a pizza by using the griddle surface as the base and covering it with the wok/skillet. Last but not least, flip it over and it can be a Dutch oven using the grill-side down as the lid.  

A Little About Lodge

Lodge Cast Iron is a family-owned business in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Joseph Lodge founded this company in 1896 and originally called it Blacklock Foundry.

However, after the building burned down in 1910, Joseph rebuilt and renamed the company Lodge Cast Iron.

Over the years, Lodge survived several economic downturns and even thrived when other foundries were closing down.

And as business continued to grow, they built another foundry. The new foundry enabled Lodge to increase its manufacturing production by seventy-five percent.

Lodge makes cast iron and carbon steel cookware, though cast iron remains their primary production.

They offer a large variety of cast iron, including classic, enamel, chef, and Blacklock.

Additionally, Lodge carries bakeware, and several series, all of which are cast iron.

They also have many accessories and a line of cast iron grilling cookware.

Lodge continues to be a leading manufacturer worldwide and makes close to 2 million cast iron pans every month.

Answering Your Questions

Can You use the Cook-It-All indoors?

Lodge made the Cook-It-All for outdoor cooking, but there is no reason you couldn’t use it indoors. In fact, many people do. It is cast iron and can be used on a gas stovetop and in the oven. However, it is quite heavy; therefore, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a glass top.

What’s the best way to clean the Cook-It-All?

Cleaning is not any harder for the Cook-It-All than it is for other cast iron pans. After it cools down, wash it with hot water and a scrub brush. Use a scraper, chainmail, or coarse salt if desired. Dry thoroughly and wipe down with a thin layer of oil. One person recommends drying it with paper towels until no more soot appears on the towel. Because the Cook-It-All gets exposed to soot and flames, the seasoning will be more affected. So, you must season it regularly, especially when the pan gets exposed to fire and charcoal.

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Does the Tips and Tricks booklet come with recipes?

Yes, the booklet comes with a few, but you can also visit the Lodge website for more recipes.

What’s the diameter of the ring on the bottom?

The ring diameter is about 6 inches. For more Cook-It-All dimensions, click here.

Why is there a carbon monoxide warning with this set?

From my understanding, California requires companies that do business in their state to put the Prop65 warning on their products if it involves burning gas, wood, oil, or charcoal. These are the things that have the potential to give off carbon monoxide. And it’s easier to put the warning label on all their cast iron regardless of where they sell it.

Does Lodge make a carry bag for the Cook-It-All?

Not specifically for the Cook-It-All, but Lodge says it will fit in the 14-inch camp oven tote bag.

Will I need any accessories?

If using over a fire, I recommend thick heat-resistant gloves for picking the Cook-It-All up. Lodge sells a pair of leather gloves for that purpose. Many people also suggest the Fire and Cook Stand, but it is not necessary. Other accessories might include the 4-in-1 Camp Dutch oven tool or a charcoal chimney starter. Lodge Pan scrapers, Chainmail, or a Cleaning brush may also come in handy (click on links to see images).

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How to Use a Lodge Cast Iron Cook It All 

What Others Are Saying

The Lodge cast iron Cook-It-All gets very high reviews. The majority of people who bought this product are pleased with it. They say things like:

  • It makes the best pizza.
  • This set makes an excellent gift for an outdoors person.
  • It works very well indoors and has replaced most of our pans.
  • It truly does cook it all!
  • It’s heavy but well worth it!
  • The Cook-It-All is exceptionally versatile.
  • You can feed lots of people using the Cook-It-All.
  • I’ve used it all five ways while camping and think it’s a must.
  • It’s huge!
  • The fire and cook stand really comes in handy.
  • I can see it lasting a lifetime.
  • Make sure you have heat-proof gloves when using over a fire.
  • You don’t need any other pans for camping.
  • The Cook-It-All makes cooking outdoors fun!

However, a few people were disappointed and said things such as:

  • The Cook-It-All was too heavy, and I had to return it.
  • It’s deceptive to say it’s five pieces when it’s mainly two.
  • The guidebook is small and only gives you a few ideas and recipes.
  • Its heaviness makes it very hard to clean and maneuver.
  • I don’t think it works well.

What Do I Think?

While raising our kids, we would go to a Christian music festival every year and camp for a week. Although they had food vendors, we did most of our cooking at the campsite. I would have loved to have the Cook-It-All.

Once the children were grown, we took a few family vacations to national parks. We always camped and cooked over a fire. And it would have been nice to have the Cook-It-All.

I read about one Scout leader saying he used it to camp with ten boys. He was commenting on the size and how it was big enough to feed all ten of them. And it reminded me of the camping my boys did while in Scouts. I remember Dutch ovens, but it was before the Cook-It-All was available.  

But alas, our camping days are over, and the only outdoor cooking we do is on a grill or hotdogs at the firepit.

So, as much as I like this cooking set, I already have the cast iron pans I need for cooking indoors.

Plus, the thirty pounds is a little daunting now. My husband would have to do the cooking. And I agree with the person who said it’s a good idea to practice maneuvering it while it’s cold because it can be tricky at first.

And because it is a bit more expensive than a cast iron skillet, it’s best to view this as an outdoor cooking system with many uses. It’s a skillet plus a wok, griddle, grill, Dutch oven, and pizza oven.  

However, if you like cooking outdoors over a fire or using charcoal, I recommend the Lodge Cook-It-All.


  • High reviews
  • Reputable company
  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Great for outdoor cooking
  • Can be used indoors
  • Holds its heat well
  • Fits together for easier storage
  • Can feed a group or large family
  • Makes a fantastic gift for the outdoors person
  • Cooks it all
  • Worth the cost


  • It may be too heavy for some.
  • The heaviness makes cleaning and maneuvering more difficult.
  • Although it’s a stand-alone set, you will probably want some accessories (more money).

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Cook-It-All Review. 

This cooking set truly is versatile. It is all of the following:

  • Skillet
  • Wok
  • Dutch oven
  • Griddle
  • Grill
  • Pizza oven

Its 14 inches makes it big enough to feed groups and a large family. It is durable and holds its heat.

The biggest downside is its weight. If you can deal with the heaviness, you will probably enjoy having the Cook-It-All, whether cooking indoors or out. However, it is designed and intended primarily for outdoor use.

So, if you like camping or backyard cooking over a fire and with charcoal, I highly recommend the Lodge Cook-It-All.

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