How Do I Hang Cast Iron Cookware on the Wall? – 5 Ways to Consider

One common way to store cast iron pots and pans is to hang them up.

Maybe this sounds interesting, but you’d like to know more.

So, you’re asking, “How do I hang cast iron cookware on the wall?”

It can be as simple as finding the studs and using the right hooks.

Or you can be more creative and turn it into a whole project.

Either way, let’s look at several reasons for hanging, some have to’s, and various choices you have.

How Do I Hang Cast Iron Cookware on the Wall?

Once you know where you want your cast iron to go, you must locate the studs. Putting a hook into the drywall and hanging your cast iron will not work. The heaviness of the cast iron will tear the drywall up, and your pan will fall. The easiest way is to pre-drill holes and screw the hooks right into the wall (studs). Other methods include mounting the hooks onto wood strips or backing or using a threaded pipe to make a hanging rack.

Why Hang Your Cast Iron Cookware on the Wall? 

I’ve started looking at my walls in the kitchen, trying to figure out where I might want to hang my cast iron once I acquire a few more pieces.

Right now, everything I own fits nicely in my cast iron organizer that sits on the counter.

However, I imagine that will change over time.

Why do I want to hang them? And what are some reasons for hanging?

Here are five:

  • The way it will look – it will give your kitchen a certain charm or rustic look. It makes your home unique.
  • Accessibility – you won’t have to worry about stacking them and making them harder to get to when you need one.
  • Storage space – using the wall will free up your cabinets and shelves for other things.
  • Cast iron is made to hang – particularly skillets, bread pans, and griddles. Some methods will allow you to hang your dutch oven as well.
  • Capacity – in small kitchens, using your walls for storage just makes sense.

Now that you know why you would hang your cast iron cookware on the wall let’s look at different ways to do it.

I’ve also included four videos that show four different methods and looks. You could follow their instructions on how they did it or use the videos to get ideas for doing it your own way.

On the other hand, if you want the easiest way, I have included below the steps you will need to take.

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Cast Iron Wall – How to Hang Your Pans

Choose Where You Will Hang Your Cast Iron Cookware

The first step is to decide where you want your cast iron to hang.

It should be in proximity to the kitchen.

You could pick a section of a wall, a whole wall, or even in between your upper and lower cabinets.

Some people have pantries with extra wall space. Or a wall just outside the kitchen.

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s easily accessible.

Project Cast Iron Hanger

Decide How You Will Hang Your Cast Iron Cookware

After you know where you want to hang your cookware, figure out what you want it to look like.

Do you want complete wood behind it or just hooks attached to wood strips?

Or maybe you’re into simple and are okay with the hooks screwed right into the wall studs.

Still, another way people like is attaching a long threaded industrial rod to the wall (studs) using an elbow and hanging their pans from S hooks.

You can click here to see some ideas for hooks (or purchase).

The pictures and videos will give you ideas.

Before you get started, lay out how you want the pans hung to have an idea of what it will look like.

Industrial Hanging Cast Iron Pan Rack

Follow Through on Hanging Your Cast Iron Cookware

Once you know where and how you want it to look, the only thing left is to do it.

Since I haven’t yet hung mine, I can’t tell you how I did it.

However, the four videos all go into detail about how they hung their cast iron cookware.

I will focus on the simplest way, which is to hang them directly on the wall.

Assuming you have already chosen the wall where you will put them, here are the steps:

Step 1: Get your hooks. You can use any decorative shelving hook as long as it will penetrate the stud at least 1 inch. Or you could use something like what you see in the image to the right. It’s a 4 1/2 inch long screw eye hook and 1/4 inch diameter. I would say you need at least 3 inches long.

Step 2: Find the studs and decide where you will hang your pan. Pre-drill a 1/4 inch hole where the hook will go.

Step 3: Screw the hook into the hole you pre-drilled. You may need to use pliers to help turn it.

Step 4: Hang your pans and enjoy!

If you would rather attach a hook underneath a cabinet, mantle, or shelf, you could use a hook like the one in the second image. I call it an under the cabinet J hook (I don’t know if that’s its official name), and is 2 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter.

How To Hang Cast Iron Cookware

Final Thoughts

If you wanted to know, “How do I hang cast iron on the wall?” hopefully, you now have some ideas.

As you can see, there are many ways, or you might come up with one of your own.

Remember to find the studs before putting your hooks in the wall, no matter what methods you decide.

I covered five different ways and looks, but all of them include hanging your cast iron.

In the first video, the guy used a whole wall right outside the kitchen.

The second video had its cast iron on a 2×6 foot wall between upper and lower cabinets.

In the third video, instead of mounting the cast iron on the wall, the guy made a hanging rack and hung the cast iron using S hooks.

In the final video, the man uses pallets to cover a section of his wall in the kitchen with wood.

However, it is perfectly okay to keep it simple and hang your cookware without using any wood.

Be creative, and make it your own.

Let me know what you do with your cast iron cookware and if you like one of the ways to hang it on the wall.

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