Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop Review

Welcome to my Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop Review.

I’ve always used mine to break up ground beef or sausage.

Until recently.

Oh, I still use it to chop my hamburger, but I’ve found another great use for it as well.

And that’s breaking up cold, leftover rice to make fried rice.

I wonder if it has any other uses?

Keep reading to find out and learn more about the Mix ‘N Chop.

Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop Review

Product: Mix ‘N Chop
Pampered Chef
see Pampered Chef
Guarantee: 5 years for non-commercial use
3 x 3 x 10.5 inches
3.84 ounces (0.24 lbs.)
Nylon (BPA-free plastic)
Heat Resistant: to 428°F (220°C)
5 (Beveled pinwheel)
Handle: soft grip with thumb rest for comfortability
Made in:
Great For: Chopping hamburger and more

What is a Mix ‘N Chop?

A Mix ‘N Chop is a food chopper that is made of solid plastic with five pinwheel blades. It is primarily used as a meat chopper for ground beef, sausage, and turkey. However, it can also break up and mash soft foods like potatoes, berries, avocado, and cold rice. It is heat-resistant up to 428°F and is safe for all cookware surfaces.

A Little About Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef began in 1980 in the suburban Chicago home of Doris Christopher. Her youngest daughter was getting ready to start school, and Doris wanted to go back to work.

However, she wanted something flexible that would allow her to be there for her daughters. So, she decided to start her own business when she couldn’t find anything.

The previous summer, she had discovered baking stones and thought people might be interested in learning about them. And possibly buying one. So, she gathered a few ladies, and on October 15, 1980, she held her first party.

Although nervous and asking herself what she had gotten herself into, Doris pushed through the fear.

The party was a success.

She demonstrated how a baking stone could turn an ordinary frozen pizza (with a few vegetables added to it) into something extraordinary. The women were shocked at how good the pizza tasted, which gave Doris the confidence to continue.

With a $3,000 loan from an insurance policy, she was able to keep going into other people’s homes to demonstrate and sell products she had hand-picked. After several months, she thought others might want to do what she was doing.

And that’s how Pampered Chef began.

What Has Changed and What Remains the Same

Today much has changed, but not everything. Pampered Chef is still a home-based business with consultants going to people’s homes. And their purpose is still to demonstrate, sell, and share cooking tips for various cooking products.

However, there are now thousands of consultants worldwide, and they sell much more than just baking stones. Though they still do sell those.

Pampered Chef has also gone digital, and it’s now more than 50% of their business.

Their home office is in Addison, IL, and they also have three international offices in Germany, Austria, and France.

Answering Your Questions

Can you use the Mix ‘N Chop on cast iron?

Yes, it works on all cookware surfaces, including cast iron. If you’re concerned with the Mix ‘N Chop’s ability to handle the heat, it is heat resistant up to 428°F (220°C). However, don’t leave it in the pan while the food is cooking, no matter what type of cookware you are using.

How well does it work for mashing potatoes?

It will not get the potatoes entirely mashed but will leave tiny bits of potato. Some people like it that way (like me). On the other hand, if you like your potatoes smooth, this is not the best tool for you.

Is the Mix ‘N Chop good for left-handed people?

Yes, it works equally well for either hand.

Will it mash dog kibble with hot water to make wet dog food?

There is no reason it couldn’t. Once the hot water has softened the kibble, the Mix ‘N Chop will easily mash it into wet dog food.

Can I mash the avocado into a spread?

Yes, and you can see it being done in the video below (among other things).

 Why is the Mix ‘N Chop better than a spatula?

Because of its five beveled blades, it breaks up meat more quickly than a spatula can and mashes softened foods. A spatula can’t do all of that.

Can it mash strawberries for a strawberry shortcake?

Yes, it does a great job of mashing berries.

Does it mash as well as a mortar and pestle?

No, a mortar and pestle can grind finer or make a paste, and a Mix ‘N Chop will always leave a bit of texture in the food.

Can it chop up chicken and pork chops?

I haven’t tried it, but my guess is it would be difficult. However, someone else said they were able to use it to shred pork for pulled pork. And I wouldn’t have thought the Mix ‘N Chop could do that either. So, maybe?

What all can it chop and mash?

I can’t give an exhaustive list, but the website says it:

  • Finely crumbles ground beef, turkey, and sausage
  • Quickly mashes up avocadoes and eggs
  • Crushes tomatoes for a chunky tomato sauce

In addition to those and the things mentioned above, it will:

And the video will show you a few more ideas.

How to Use the Mix ‘N Chop

What Others Are Saying

The reviews are mostly positive. People said things like:

  • Great kitchen tool
  • Can’t live without it
  • Very handy
  • Best tool in my kitchen
  • Makes chopping easy
  • Mashes refried beans
  • Great gift idea
  • Perfect for breaking up cold rice (me)

However, a few people didn’t find the Mix ‘N Chop quite so appealing. They are:

  • Happier with a spatula
  • Unhappy the meat gets stuck in the blades
  • Frustrated that it’s hard to clean

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What Did I Think?

I really like my Mix ‘N Chop.

Years ago, I got it at a Pampered Chef party and had no idea it had so many other uses. I thought it was only for chopping ground meat.

And for years, that’s all I did with it. And most of the time, it’s still what I do with it.

I especially like that I can get the meat scrambled into smaller pieces which I could never do with a spatula.

But the raw meat indeed gets stuck in the blades. Sometimes I scrape it off and put it back in the pan, but other times I wait to see if it will come off as it starts to brown. Either way, all of the ground meat gets cooked.

I’ve recently used it to mash up my strawberries a bit before adding them to the blender for smoothies.

And, as I mentioned in the beginning, I learned it does a great job breaking up refrigerated rice when making fried rice. I’m sure the same is true with stir fry or any other dish that requires cold, leftover rice.

I haven’t found the Mix ‘N Chop particularly difficult to clean, but it does take more effort than a spoon or spatula.

Maybe as I try some of the other ideas I’ve come across, I will be right there with those who say they can’t live without it. Or it’s the best tool in their kitchen.

But for now, I will say it’s a great tool, and I’m delighted I have one.

It is sturdy and well-made, and I expect it will last a lifetime.

Therefore, I recommend the Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop.


  • High reviews
  • Pampered Chef is a reputable business
  • Has many uses
  • Good quality
  • Makes a great gift


  • Raw meat tends to get stuck in the blades
  • Some may find it harder to clean
  • Costs a bit more

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop Review.

And learning about the company as well as the many uses for this tool.

Its primary use is to break up ground meat while it cooks and then for mixing in other ingredients. However, it’s also good for mashing softer foods such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, avocado, beans, and more.

I answered some questions you might have and shared what I thought about the Mix ‘N Chop.

You heard what others were saying about it and the pros and cons.

Because it is such good quality and I personally know how well it works, I highly recommend the Mix ‘N Chop.

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