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Welcome to my Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table Review.

People who cook outdoors in their backyard or at the beach, park, or campsite, may benefit from having this table.

Imagine having a place to put hot coals and cook your food without having to bending to the ground. Instead, you make or dump the hot coals on the table and set your camp oven on top. Add your food, and get cooking.

But is the table sturdy? How much weight does it hold? And what sets it apart from other cooking tables?

In other words, why would you want a Lodge outdoor cooking table?

These are all great questions that I’ll attempt to answer.

So, let’s get started.

Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table Review

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Product: Outdoor cooking table
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15.9L x 31.3W x 35.5H inches
Weight: 35.25 lbs.
Collapsible, windscreen, adjustable feet, high-temperature black finish
Tote bag (not included)
Made in:
Great for:
Outdoor cooking
: P65



What is an Outdoor Cooking Table?

An outdoor cooking table is a heavy-duty steel table made for cooking on the surface using charcoal and a cast iron dutch oven. The table generally has a removable windscreen, adjustable legs or feet, and enough room for two large dutch ovens. The windscreen helps control the heat, and the adjustable legs or feet make it so you can have a level table on uneven ground.

A Little About Lodge

Lodge Cast Iron is a family-owned business in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Joseph Lodge founded this company in 1896 and originally called it Blacklock Foundry.

However, after the building burned down in 1910, Joseph rebuilt and renamed the company Lodge Cast Iron.

Over the years, Lodge survived several economic downturns and thrived even when other foundries closed down.

And as business continued to grow, they built another foundry. The new foundry enabled Lodge to increase its manufacturing production by seventy-five percent.

Lodge makes cast iron and carbon steel cookware, though cast iron remains their primary production.

They offer a large variety of cast iron, including classic, enamel, chef, and Blacklock.

Additionally, Lodge carries bakeware, and several series, all of which are cast iron.

They also have many accessories and a line of cast iron grilling cookware.

Lodge continues to be a leading manufacturer worldwide and makes close to 2 million cast iron pans every month.

Answering Your Questions

Will the coals stay hot on the table?

The coals will stay relatively hot as long as the windscreen is attached. However, you may have to make more if it’s a dish that has to cook longer than an hour. Plus, some charcoal burns faster than others. Many use Kingsford or Royal Oak.

Is the cover necessary?

The windscreen attaches to the table, so it’s all one piece when packed. So, I would not say the cover is necessary, but it’s nice to have one to keep the table clean between uses and if a part comes loose.

Will the table rust if I leave it outdoors?

It shouldn’t. Some people leave their table out all the time with no problems. But others say you should always store it in a dry place when not using it. Just don’t leave your cast iron cookware outside.

Can you put a fire underneath and then cook on the table?

No, I would not recommend doing this. It doesn’t sound very safe. Nor can I vouch that the steel table will hold up from the fire.

Is the table sturdy enough for the Sportsman Grill?

Yes, many people put their Sportsman grill on the cooking table. The grill weighs about 33 lbs. and the table can easily hold that.

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How tall are the table and windscreen separately?

The table without the windscreen is 26 inches tall. And the windscreen is 12 inches high. Together, it’s 35.5 inches tall. That’s because there is a 1 1/2-inch overlap where the windscreen connects to the table.

Does it require any assembly?

The only assembly required is unfolding the legs and attaching the windscreen. It comes with instructions, and one person said a ten-year-old could do it. In other words, the setup is not hard at all.

Is the table easy to clean?

There is a lip almost all the way around the table. I say almost all the way because there’s a section with no lip. Lodge made the table that way on purpose so it would be easier to wipe off the ashes. Of course, be sure to put them into a heat-safe container and dump them into the firepit if the coals or ashes are still hot. Or let them cool before disposing of them.

Accessories and Tools

You can use this table for various reasons but Lodge made it for cooking right on the table using charcoal and a camp dutch oven. So, what will you need?

Must Have

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Might Want to Have

What Others Are Saying

The Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table got high reviews overall. People who thought it was an excellent buy seemed to like:

Photo credit: Lodge
  • The height and width of the table
  • That there is room for two large Camp Dutch ovens
  • How well it holds up with rugged use
  • They could use the table at home and camping
  • The height of the windscreen
  • How much nicer it was than cooking on the ground
  • The quality
  • How easy it is to clean
  • The sturdiness and ability to hold multiple stacked ovens
  • How simple it is to pack and store
  • The adjustable feet
  • That it’s collapsible
  • The feature for quickly removing ashes
  • It makes a fantastic gift for an outdoor cast iron cook
  • How much nicer it is than other cook tables

However, several were disappointed before ever using it. Some of the things they didn’t like were:

  • It came damaged (broken welds, missing nuts and bolts, bent windscreen)
  • Poor packaging
  • How easy it is to lose nuts, bolts, and feet
  • Too heavy
  • Poor quality for the price
  • Leveling feet are only 1/2-inch
  • Instructions didn’t come with a weight limit
  • The table was too low
  • The quality

Most people who were disappointed in the quality could fix the table and still use it. They re-welded, bought new nuts and bolts, hammered out the bent windscreen, or otherwise rigged up a way to use the table. In that case, they didn’t recommend getting one for what it costs.

What Do I Think?

This outdoor cooking table sounds ideal for cooking outdoors with charcoal and a camp oven. Or if you don’t have a table for your tabletop grill.

I like that it keeps you from having to bend over or squat and cook on the ground. And that it sounds easy to clean and store.

Also, I like that it has leveling feet. But maybe not enough if your ground is more than 1/2-inch off.

The table seems sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. I read that one person had six large dutch ovens cooking (two stacks of three) on the table at the same time.

Furthermore, the 12-inch windscreen sounds like one of the best features because it protects the coals on top of the camp oven as well as the ones underneath.

One thing to keep in mind: there are very few options available, especially if you want the higher windscreen, a way to scrape off the ashes easily, or adjustable feet.

However, there is a risk your table would come damaged. It wouldn’t be damaged beyond repair but would require some fixing before you could use it. So, keep that in mind also.

I watched two reviews online. Although both were happy with their table and mostly liked the quality and features, they didn’t like everything. One of the reviews is below. The man was comparing it to the Camp Chef cooking table they used before.

So, keeping everything in mind, I recommend the Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table based on the reviews, others’ comments, and my own research. But only if you are willing and able to fix it if it comes damaged, and only if you like outdoor Dutch oven cooking.

Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table Unboxing and First Cook


  • High reviews
  • Reputable company
  • Higher windscreen
  • Adjustable feet
  • Section of the table without lip for easier cleaning off of ashes
  • Collapsible
  • Can buy a nice bag to cover and carry it
  • It beats cooking on the ground
  • Easy to assemble (unfold the table and attach windscreen)
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Can hold lots of weight
  • Easy to transport


  • Risk of being damaged due to quality control or packaging
  • Heavy
  • Some think the table is too low
  • Too expensive for what you get
  • The leveling feet aren’t long enough

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table Review.

This table is perfect for camping and outside dutch oven cooking using charcoal.

You cook right on the table. So, this means you don’t have to cook on the ground or a short cook stand.

Some favorite features are the windscreen, the adjustable feet, and the section of the table with no lip. You can scrape the ashes straight off the table for a much easier clean-up.

The table folds down, and the windscreen folds flat and hooks to the table, so it’s all one piece for transporting. However, many people still got a cover for it and are glad they did.

The biggest drawback is the risk of your table arriving damaged. People had to fix broken welds, replace missing or lost nuts and bolts, and flatten bent windscreens before using it.

And since they still wanted the table, they were willing to fix it rather than return it. However, Amazon does allow you to return it for a full refund or replacement in its original condition within 30 days of receipt.

Therefore, I recommend the Lodge Outdoor Cooking Table to anyone looking for this type of table and is willing to risk it arriving damaged.

And although there seems to be a higher number of tables that arrived damaged in some way, most did not have any problems.

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