Lodge Fabric Hot Handle Holders Review

Welcome to my Lodge Fabric Hot Handle Holders Review.

When working with hot handles, you need protection.

One way is by using a hot handle holder.

Sure, you can use potholders, towels, or oven mitts. Anything that protects your hands from the heat will work.

However, there might be some advantages to using fabric hot handle holders.

So, let’s find out.

Lodge Fabric Hot Handle Holders Review

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Product: Striped fabric hot handle holders, 1 red and 1 black
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6.25 in.
3.06 in.
0.5 in.
Made in:
 China (all other designs made in the USA)
Heat up to 350°F
Traditional cast iron handles
Great For:
protecting hands

What Is a Hot Handle Holder?

A hot handle holder is just what it sounds like; it’s a cover for the hot handle of a pan so that you can touch, hold onto, or pick it up safely. Cast iron handles get hot along with the skillet because it is cast in one piece. Heat travels through the metal and heats up every part of the pan. Therefore, using heat protection is essential, and a hot handle holder is one way to do it safely.

A Little About Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron is located in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and has been around since 1896.

It began as Blacklock Foundry but burned to the ground in 1910.

However, Joseph Lodge didn’t give up but soon rebuilt down the road. The new facility was called Lodge Cast Iron.

Lodge survived the Great Depression and the invention of Teflon.

Although cast iron took a hit when Teflon was all the rage, it has revived in recent years.

In 2002, Lodge began pre-seasoning their pans, and it soon became the standard among cast iron manufacturers.

As the business continued to grow, another foundry was built. The new foundry enabled Lodge to increase its manufacturing capacity by seventy-five percent.

Lodge makes cast iron and carbon steel cookware, though cast iron remains their primary production.

They offer both a classic and a premier line of cast iron. Lodge’s premier line is called Blacklock, named after the original foundry.

Additionally, Lodge carries enameled cookware, bakeware, collections (or series), all of which are cast iron.

And many accessories.

Today, Lodge continues to be a leading manufacturer throughout the world. They make close to 2 million pans every month.

Answering Your Questions

Are these hot handle holders stiff?

They are not stiff; they are sturdy, padded, and quilted.

Is there a loop for hanging them up?  

Yes, the loop is in the right upper-hand corner.

Are the fabric handle holders better than silicone ones?

Fabric and silicone both have their strengths and weaknesses. The fabric ones slide on and off easily, whereas the silicone takes a bit more effort.

Both are slippery and require you to grip the handle, but I find the fabric handle holders a bit easier to grasp. They will each protect your hands from the heat but get overly hot if left on too long while cooking over higher heat. Although the fabric is more likely to catch fire over an open flame, silicone will melt. And Lodge doesn’t recommend either for oven use.

However, some people say they leave their silicone handle holders on in the oven with no problem.

As you can see, one is not better than the other; it’s more a matter of preference.

Do they fit on any cast iron handle?

Yes and no. Yes, in that you can slide them on any cast iron handle. However, they fit the larger skillets better (10.25-inch and above). The handle holder is 6-inches long, and the handles on the smaller skillets are shorter. So if you don’t like that the holder is longer than the handle, then no, it doesn’t fit every cast iron handle. Still, I used mine on my 3.5-inch skillet, and it worked fine.

How much heat protection do they give?

Lodge says up to 350°F, but others claim they put theirs on handles up to 425°F temperatures. One person said she even carried it to the table after taking the pan out of a 425°F oven. She could feel the warmth coming through, but it never felt hot.

Are these handle holders machine washable?

Yes, they are just like any oven mitt or fabric potholder.

How many designs are there to choose from?

You have five choices: bandana print, camouflage, chili pepper, multi-color peppers, and striped.

What Others Are Saying

Overall, the reviews were positive. People who liked these hot handle holders said things like:

  • I feel safer using them.
  • They work better than silicone.
  • Treat it like a miniature oven mitt.
  • These make great handle covers when serving the pan at the table.
  • I like that it’s not too snug, so I can easily slip it on and off.
  • They do an excellent job of protecting my hands from the heat.
  • These are essential when cooking with cast iron.
  • You can store them on the handles when not using them.
  • They do what they’re supposed to do.
  • I use potholders to remove the pan from the oven and then slip these covers on so I don’t accidentally grab the hot handle.
  • Everyone should get a second set if they have more than two cast iron pans.
  • They work better than my potholders.
  • I’ve had mine forever, and they have held up well.

Those who were disappointed expressed it by saying things like:

  • They are too slippery.
  • I wanted them to be more heat-resistant.
  • These handle holders will burn even if they are near a flame.
  • Mine burned when I put them on after turning off the heat.
  • You can’t leave them on while cooking.
  • They melted just from being near heat (not flames).
  • These are not good quality, and I am disappointed in Lodge.

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What Did I Think?  

I got a pair of these handle holders for Christmas but haven’t had much opportunity to use them yet.

However, I’m glad I have them.

Truthfully, I will probably still use my oven mitts and only put the handle holders on after cooking. Or to move around my smaller pans.

One of my smoothie recipes called for melted coconut oil, so I used the handle holder on my 3.5-inch pan. I was able to pick up the tiny pan and pour the contents into the blender without feeling any heat.

I’m not a big fan of my silicone handle holder because the handle slips inside the holder and is harder to grip. The fabric one is easier.

And felt safer when I was comparing the two.

I also like that the fabric ones slide on and off easily.

Another thing I like is that I can add the cover to the handle when we eat out of the pan. Cast iron is known for its heat retention and keeps the food hot longer. In other words, the food will stay warm longer when you eat straight from the skillet. And by using the handle holder, you will be less likely to burn yourself.

Furthermore, I think the fabric handle holders are cute. They look like little oven mitts for cast iron handles.

I know some people were disappointed in the quality, but I disagree. I know I can’t speak from experience since my holders are new, but they appear to be good quality just by looking at them. Plus, several people talked about how well their handle holders have held up over time.

Therefore, I do recommend the fabric hot handle holders.


  • Lodge is reputable
  • High reviews
  • A good alternative for those who don’t like silicone handle holders
  • Good price
  • Helps you feel safe when cooking with cast iron
  • Slips on and off easily
  • They have hooks for hanging or can store easily in a drawer or on the handle
  • Great protection when eating out of the pan
  • Several choices of designs
  • It could be a cover for a small curling iron


  • Must be careful about not letting them get too close to flames (or possibly even heat)
  • The quality may not be as good as you would expect from Lodge
  • You can’t leave them on while cooking
  • The handle holders won’t work as well when cooking in a hot oven (over 350°F according to Lodge)
  • Not everyone will like them

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Lodge Fabric Hot Handle Holders Review.

And that it will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to try them.

They are made for cast iron handles but will work on other handles as long as it is flatter and not too wide.

Additionally, they will protect your hands when the handles get hot.

You can choose from several patterns, and they slip on and off the handle easily.

Plus, they make great handle covers for serving the hot pan at the table.

Although not everyone likes them better than other heat protection products, many people love them.

I like and will use my fabric handle holders but also continue using my oven mitts.

Based on the many favorable reviews and my limited success with using them, I recommend the fabric hot handle holders.

If you are ready to get your own pair,

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