Is It Okay to Boil Water in Cast Iron – Or Water-Based Foods?

Since you can wash cast iron in water, is it okay to boil water in seasoned cast iron? It seems like it would be okay. Because the seasoning should protect the iron from rusting, right? But what happens to the seasoning while the water is boiling?  And what about cooking water-based soups or boiling pasta? … Read more

Why Is My Stir Fry Beef Always Tough? – 3 Factors to Consider

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Johnny’s Seasoned Pepper Review – Enhances or Overwhelms?

Welcome to my Johnny’s Seasoned Pepper Review. I was first introduced to this product after I started cooking with cast iron. That’s when I began looking for some recipes and came across TosTinMan EasyCooking. He often cooks in his toaster oven using a 10-inch cast iron skillet. His recipes were generally easy, and I was hooked. … Read more

Lodge 6.5-Inch Cast Iron Skillet Review

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Why Does My Cornbread Crumble? – 6 Solutions to Consider

Have you wondered, “Why does my cornbread crumble?” then wanted to know if there was an answer to this problem? Cornbread is a favorite food for many, especially with chili. But, whether you use a recipe or a cornbread box mix, the problem of crumbling is common. So, what can you do? Since I have … Read more