Why Is My Stir Fry Beef Always Tough? – 3 Factors to Consider

Do you like stir fry, but whenever you make it with beef (or any kind of meat for that matter), the strips always seem to be tough and hard to chew?  Are you asking, ” Why is my stir fry beef always tough?” I, too, have had this problem and wanted to find out why. … Read more

Why Is My Sirloin Tip Steak Tough? – 3 Reasons to Consider

If you are looking for a tender, juicy steak for dinner, you probably didn’t buy a Sirloin Tip Steak. And if you did, you may now be asking, “Why was my sirloin tip steak tough and chewy?” Even if you didn’t overcook it, a sirloin tip steak could turn out to be tough and chewy. … Read more

Why Does Steak Taste So Good? – 5 Factors

I asked my husband what he wanted to know about steak, and he said, “Why does steak taste so good?” Maybe you are asking the same question. For years I didn’t like steak, but that’s because I had only eaten medium-well and well-done. Since I started eating steak cooked medium, I changed my mind. Steak … Read more